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Summer Programs

Summer Camp


At Emagine U At Play the fun doesn’t stop when the school year is over! Our day care center loves to provide your little ones with a stimulating learning experience all year round with summer camp! From library field trips while exploring their favorite fairytale stories, to unforgettable pool parties and picnics, your child’s summer will be filled with a lively learning experience that he or she won’t find anywhere else.

Our eventful summer programs have administered a memorable summer vacation for our little ones for years. With different activities designated to child-specific age groups, each child will take home fond memories of their summer adventures. As part of our preschool program, we will continue to educate your child as part of our dedication to your child’s development. By helping each child grow and improve all aspects of their learning abilities - from cognitive, social, and creative - we want to provide them with a summer vacation that they can productively and excitedly excel in higher learning.

When you entrust our preschool with your children, we ensure valuable care that can’t be found anywhere else. We have gained a recognizable prestige as quality child care providers in Moreno Valley, CA. If you’re looking for a first-rate summer camp or daycare for your child, contact us today! We invite your children to a world of adventures with open arms.